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Hotel / Motel Features*
PAXB NEC Aspila Topaz has the features to meet the hospitality services needs of a small hotel or motel.
Some of the innovative features are Check-in / Check-out, Wake-up Call, Message Waiting, Do Not Disturb,
Single Digit Access, Toll Restriction Class Change of each room, Room-to-Room Call Restriction,
Room Status Indication, Room Status Output and Room Monitoring.
*Software License is required to activate these features.
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Music On Hold (MOH)
MOH (Music On Hold) sends music to calls on hold to inform your caller that their call has been put on hold
and not forgotten. You may use one of the 3 built-in music or record your own music or announcement*
to have a more personal touch for your callers. Alternatively, you may also connect the system
to an external music device such as a radio or CD player as the source of MOH.**
*Optional item (DSPDB) is required.
**Optional item (2PGDU) is required.
Disclaimer: In accordance with copyright law, a license may be required if radio, television broadcasts
or music other than material not in the public domain are transmitted through the Music On Hold (MOH)
feature of telecommunication systems.
NEC Infrontia Asia Pacific hereby disclaims any liability arising out of the failure to obtain such a license.


Built-In Caller-ID
Caller-ID feature enables your proprietary display key telephone or Caller-ID single line telephone
to show the caller’s number and/or name before you answer an incoming call.
You can review the historical records of up to 20 received / missed calls for each proprietary display key telephone.

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Least Cost Routing (LCR) / Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
If you engage more than one telephone service provider,
Aspila Topaz will automatically utilize pre-programmed LCR / ARS table and type of operation
to identify the most competitive call rates when routing outgoing calls.

Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding feature enables incoming calls to be redirected automatically
to another extension or an external number (mobile phone, home and etc.) when you are not available to answer the calls.
You may select the type of call forwarding condition (Immediate / when Busy / when No-Answer),
designated number and activate it easily from your extension.

In addition, you may choose to redirect an incoming call manually
to a pre-assigned extension by simply pressing a Function Key without answering the call.

Group Listening
Group Listening function allows you to broadcast your conversations via built-in speaker
on the proprietary display key telephone. This enables your surrounding parties to listen to the conversation.
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This function allows you to call a pre-assigned extension or external number by just lifting the handset
without dialing any numbers. This is an ideal feature for lobby phones, security guard houses,
parking attendants, and etc.

Day / Night Mode
Aspila Topaz provides up to 8 system modes which can be switched either automatically or manually.
Each mode can be configured to redirect calls towards specified extensions
or groups that match your requirements effectively.

Multiple Ring Tones
Aspila Topaz key telephone comes with 13 ring tones which can be selected
to personalize the ring tone of your extension and distinguish external calls from internal calls.

Virtual Extension
Virtual Extension feature enables one proprietary key telephone to have multiple extension numbers
and it may be shared by multiple users. Each Virtual Extension number is distinguishable
by assigning a different ring tone.

Conference function allows you to setup a teleconference between internal and/or external parties.
You may establish a multiple party teleconference up to total of 32 participants
simultaneously in multiple groups with a maximum of 8 participants per group.

There are two methods of organizing a teleconference;
you may call and invite each participant or you may request all participants
to dial a given designated Conference Number to join the teleconference*.

*Optional item (DSPDB) is required.

Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) feature handles incoming calls efficiently by distributing them
to extension groups uniformly. Users may turn on “Break Mode” to avoid incoming calls temporarily
and redirect the incoming calls to another available extension automatically.
In the event that all extensions are busy, the system has an option to announce a queuing message*
to the callers while the calls are being queued.

*Optional item (DSPDB) is required.
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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Aspila Topaz’s Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) readiness allows you to connect your phone system
to your personal computer (PC) via the Local Area Network (LAN)
by using Telephony Application Program Interface (TAPI) and enables the connected PC as a CTI terminal.
With the CTI capabilities of Aspila Topaz, your will be able to view your callers contact details before
you answer the call.

*CTI features require optional items.

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jual pabx nec