About Us

The Company established in the early year of 2000, with its business starts as a service company which services any instruments that parts of the PBX system, provide spare parts for the broken one, in that year companies in crisis recovery.

The company, PT Bytel Sarana Telkomindo had grown in rather pacing movement then the Business became firmed in the selling and supply of Telecommunication equipment, mainly PBX ( hybrid and IP PBX ), with the company grew, the manpower had also been improved, by providing with technical courses that provided by brand handled.

Moving forward the company specified selling in the Telephone as Telecommunication product including Audio and Video conference product, telephone recording system, Industrial Telephone , Hospitality Telehone, Accounting billing System, and VoiP gateway, thus the company set its motto as “Telephony Solutions”.

The Database of company client-tale had also growing, from Small Medium Business to large business enterprise other then that also Government sector.

With the company resources which will become enormous assets and vital parts that would be valuable and advantages for company steps toward future business projects.

The Company, PT Bytel Sarana Telkomindo will have greater parts in its role as a Solution provider for companies in need or use such delicate instrument as being part to communication system, the clients will be feel secured.

By providing “Telephony Solutions” the client should not need to worry that their communication is troubled as PT Bytel Sarana Telkomindo will do in its power of competency will deal with any form of trouble faced by their client. The client will depends on the solution given .